2 years! Gone and never coming back

Another Winter Storm

I can hardly complain!

The pandemic can go away now! Can we go back to normal? I feel like I’ve had 2 years of my retirement stolen from me. The inactivity, the lack interaction with people, all make me feel like I am living the life of a recluse. I am a bit of a germophobe which makes me cringe at some peoples practices and they don’t even realize their actions are a little bit less sanitary than they should be. I personally do not carry a purse, I find them catchalls for too much stuff. Not to mention most purses are very dirty. They are put on the floor in public places, washroom floors, on the ground outside although that may be cleaner than the previous mentions. When I line up in a café to place my order, all I have with me to pay is my phone and wallet in case the phone won’t work. My bag stays in the car and there is nothing worth stealing it it and it is out of sight. The person in front of me in line, has a massive, dirty, worn out, thread bare purse which she proceeds to place on the counter where payment is made and her order is placed. Is it me??? I found that to be quite disgusting.

But on a good note, the students are back in class learning. Extra curricular sports after school is back. This is a wonderful thing. Not all students have returned and I find that terribly sad. I wonder sometimes how it will affect them later on in life. There is so much controversy over vaccines and the right to choose to get one or not get one. I think sometimes that the Covid-19 pandemic was introduced to thin out the population. Mother earth will take care of herself. We are parasites on the planet. Look what we’ve done to our Mother. It is a sad situation we are in and I hope we can turn this around, although I feel that it is past the point of no return. Not enough people really think about their consumption of resources whether it be food or material things. We are a throw away society and we cannot continue this way.

It is not much, but I refuse to purchase items that are over packaged. Or items that come from 1/2 way across our planet. That is just wasteful!

How did we manage as inhabitants of our planet to survive till roughly the 1800’s and Mother Earth was not treating us like parasites (yet)? Then came the the industrial era… well this will have to continue another day… another discussion.

Ity Bitty Salamander enjoying life!

Teeney Tiny Salamander in a pool atop a mushroom

Teeney Tiny Salamander in a pool atop a mushroom.

My first attempt at focus stacking.

WAY easier than I thought it would be

What a treat to find this tiny Salamander in my rock garden.

He/she was keeping moist in a puddle on top of a beautiful mushroom.

I was lucky to have it stay for 2 days from the time I spotted it.

It was slightly cool and I presume it was in a state of torpor.

I often have these little finds in my rock garden.

I do not keep a very tidy rock garden, as I have trouble pulling weeds… I usually try to relocate the weeds, that defeats the purpose!  This offers plenty of nice little hideouts and runways for little creatures and birds for me to chase with my camera.

(if you know the name of this mushroom, please send me a message)

(if you know the name of this mushroom, please send me a message)

Mushroom-3087A most patient subject.

I was able to try many long exposures to capture

and practice focus stacking techniques.

Using the Bluenose for size reference

Using the Bluenose for size reference

Here is the link to the YouTube video that I used to

teach myself how to do focus stacking:

Focus stacking, very simple

Less is More at Peggy’s Cove

bag piper-8604

There was not a cloud to be seen, let alone any blue sky.  That does not mean you cannot create an interesting image.

The Bag Piper busker at the walkway leading up to Peggy’s Point lighthouse is always a welcome sound when you make your way up the path.

My favourite way to pay the Busker is to find a family nearby with a young child (or more). I ask the parents if it is OK to give the child money to put in the Buskers coin box.  Some parents are surprised, I think I taught a few parents about paying buskers, if they like what they hear!
My way of thinking it is to teach the next generation that it is absolutely something you should do, if you like what the Busker is sharing with the crowd that is!

Sylvie-8598Here is a nice way to get images of family (Sylvie, sister-in-law extra-ordinaire) and friends visiting Peggy’s Point Lighthouse without all the throngs of tourists in your images.  It is OK to warn your subjects that if you call “background” they know you mean wait a moment the background will change momentarily 😉

Peggy's Point-8613How wonderful it is to see visitors being reasonable while visiting Peggy’s Point lighthouse!  Locals mention to stay off the dark rocks.  They are slippery and are subject to rogue waves.  Unless you are a mind-reader Ninja, who can anticipate all incoming rogue waves… stay well back of the dark rocks.


Here is an image I would absolutely not change into a black and white.  I love the colours, the more the merrier!  Also we used the “Background” message to wait for a moment for tourists on the dock behind My brother and sister in law to be out of the frame!

Peggy's village-8686If given the opportunity to use reflections, you betcha I will!  Even though the scene was a little moody with fog, I felt the colour was strong enough to contrast between the fog and the water for a good reflection.

Peggy's Point-8635Here is another less explored area of Peggy’s Cove.  Behind the parking lot, there are hundreds of Inukshuks on the rocks.  Tourists leave one, storms take a few down.  The ocean in the background is refreshing to say the least.  Check it out if you have not already!

The Shore Club – Hubbards

Shore Club-7825 We are so close to The Shore Club that we could dance on our deck to the sounds of the last of the great Dance Halls.  Adults of all ages come to dance to the tunes of local Musicians.  Leave your inhibitions at the door when you enter this venue… Smiling faces and lots of laughter are what you will find.  No one here minds what age your body is, get on the floor and dance the evening away.  It is not unusual to see 3 generations enjoying the music together on Saturday evenings in Hubbards. You can beat the line up and get Dance Special tickets to the Saturday evening dances, if you come early and have the world famous Lobster Supper.  This also gets you $2 off to the dance. A little bit of history on the Shore Club, Roy Harnish had the first supper and dance in August 1946.  His wife Lois, and Roy were active operators of the Shore Club until 1985.  Currently Rhys Harnish continues the legacy started by his father.  Following in the family tradition, Luke Harnish is close behind. Prior to the Shore club, the first Harnish to cater a Lobster supper was Guy Harnish on Hubbards beach August 5, 1939.  He catered the event for The Gyro Internation Club to host their national convention.  Interesting enough, the pot used to cook the first lobster supper was acquired in auction and came from the USS Chesapeake.  Just a little of history you can look up and find more information on the ship here The USS Chesapeake The Shore Club has also seen its share of movies and TV shows at this location.  One or two that come to mind are Haven and Relative Happiness. The Shore Club is a wonderful venue for fundraising events, the most recent Khyber Building Fund Benefit.  Once a year the Girls Night Out event is also a big success.  Must not forget the Cove FM event.  I am sure I am missing a few! If you happen to get to the Shore Club, pick up a T-Shirts and/or a Hat.  Patrons from around the world that have been to the Shore Club, post images of their Shore Club Swag with a recognizable landmark.  Pretty impressive the places the Swag has turned up. This sounds more like a publicity piece than a Blog, but I am kinda proud to say I live near the Shore Club. The Shore ClubDid I mention it was a seasonal venue!  Bring a shovel if you come in winter… No Lobster served 😦Shore Club-6862

A Day out with Chalkmaster Dave, Lay-uhh & David

Storm Chasers for a day!

~ January 25, 2015 ~ Storm Chasers for a day!


I must thank Letter Carrier David for arranging to meet with Lay-uhh and Chalkmaster Dave at Peggy’s Point. It was a wonderful afternoon of action, excitement and salt spray. Wish I could share you one of the great shot that David captured of Chalkmaster Dave in the “Danger Zone”… breathtaking images!

I admire your courage to step into the Danger Zone at Peggy's Point Lighthouse the day I met you.  You were unfamiliar with the power of the waves.  I think you are very familiar with them now and respect them.  It is quite a rush to be there when the winds blow!  This I know as I am also very attracted to the results of the storms.

I admire your courage Chalkmaster Dave.   Stepping into the Danger Zone at Peggy’s Point Lighthouse . You were unfamiliar with the power of the waves. I think you are very familiar with them now and respect them. It is quite a rush to be there when the winds blow! This I know, as I am also very attracted to the results of the storms.  Interested in more info on Chalkmaster Dave… http://www.thechalkmaster.com


Now, here is quiet Lay-uhh. Concentrating on her composition. I can attest to her focus which is remarkable. Why she does not share her work more is still a question I ask myself. Pleased to have met you (twice now!) The second time was in Northwest Cove, when Dave and Lay-uhh saved a lost disoriented puppy running down highway 329 in a bitter cold day. Lay-uhh placed the puppy in her coat. Dave and Lay-uhh knocked on local doors until they found the owner. Kudos to you both!


Poised and waiting for the next big wave.

Thank you Dave for holding my hand and offering to carry my equipment.  I would not have ventured out on my own over the small water fall and over the ponds.  Without your help, I would not have made it this far to capture the Action.

Thank you Dave for holding my hand and offering to carry my equipment. I would not have ventured out on my own over the small waterfall and over the ponds, without your helping hand.  I would not have made it this far on my own to capture the Action.

Remembrance Day 2012 Hubbards Nova Scotia

Today was the first Remembrance Day Service held at the Hubbards Waterfront since the Cenotaph was moved from the Shatford library to its present location.

Estimated attendance was between 400 – 500 people.  Quite a turnout!  It was a very touching ceremony!

Young and old were in attendance.

A sweet young voice sang “O Canada” that brought a tear to my eye.  Local musicians performed to honour those that gave everything for their country.

When we lived in Toronto, I do not remember such a turn out for the Remembrance Day Services… only that dignitaries would place wreaths on the Cenotaph at Old City Hall and we would read about it in the paper the following day.
I asked my husband if he knew why there was such a strong involvement in Nova Scotia at the Remembrance Day Services.  He replied that Halifax had a strong Military presence.  Contrary to Toronto which is more of a melting pot of Immigrants which may not have had family members fighting for and representing Canada.  Made sense!

It was nice to see the younger generation so involved and knowledgeable about Remembrance Day!

Lest we forget!

Last of the Fall Colours

While visiting Mahone Bay I was fortunate enough to see the last of the fall colours…

The season of colours was short this year.  But the vibrancy was outstanding.  If you were fortunate enough to get out and photograph or see any this years the range of colours the  opportunities was short.  This is one image that I thought glowed even thought some of the leaves have already dropped.

Tan Bark Sailboat

Just to show that even if you don’t have the correct lens you can still capture something.

I saw this tan bark sailboat with dinghy in tow on the horizon and I stopped to appreciate it.  I did not have the lens with me that I would have needed to really do this scene justice.  I took a few photos regardless as the sky was quite detailed and added to the few diamonds that were reflecting on the ocean.  Finally I decided to use this as a panoramic style image and omit all the water and added sky.

Does it work?  It did for me 🙂  To really appreciate the image… click on it to enlarge!